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Nerd camp has been one of those things where it’s become a bit of a tradition for the nerds of Australiasia to go on an annual pilgrimage to the host city for linux.conf.au. This year it’s in NZ… in the past there has been a decent group from Ballarat tagging along but this year is sadly different mostly due to financial reasons and other commitments like weddings (for some reason someone always has a wedding during Conf! week… it should be banned!)

For those who weren’t able to tag along have been lucky enough to be able to have a small taste of the experience. Live streaming has been made available allowing for people such as myself to be able to sit back and learn about the latest projects, innovations and this year “Flying Rockets with Free and Open Source Software” and the “World’s Worst Inventions” (what more could you want really?). Thank god for people believing in sharing and open source!

Next year I’m definitely not missing it, I’ll make people change their wedding dates if I have to!

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