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blog watch #3: Off the beaten track in the Big Smoke

by | Jan 20, 2010 | blended learning, Creative Media, eLearning, Erin M McCuskey, Michael Gwyther, sarah sneddon, yumproductions

twothousand, threethousand, fourthousand, fivethousand, sixthousand

no I’m not parachuting…these are in fact a family of cool blogs all about Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. They’re are an antidote to the usual Government endorsed visitors guide or newspaper What’s On listings. They give you a look at what’s happening left of centre and on the arty side of the tracks.
you can browse each city by interest such as hear, read, maps, shop, stray and they have lots of lush images and minimal text. Mercifully you also won’t find any cash for comments.

get started in Melbourne then take a trip around the other cities.

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