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Blog watch #4: Whimsy X Voyeurism

by | Feb 1, 2010 | Erin M McCuskey, sarah sneddon, yumproductions

What do you get when you cross these to things together?

This nice little blog check my shelf I’d say.

Shelves, we’ve all got at least one of them and here is a place that allows readers to show them off, take a peek at other people’s and offers links to the owners.
This is a great example of an imaged based blog that requires content generated by followers. And it’s sort of anthropological as well…what does your shelf say about you or this particular time in history?
Other shelf related bits and pieces you might enjoy

The Ideal (Kid’s) Bookshelf

DYI project

What I’d like more of on my shelves

Update: knew there was something I forgot!


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  1. suzanne

    wow love how you;ve tied a few sites and ideas together… just getting my drill out now…


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