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yum font on DaFONT

by | Feb 11, 2010 | Creative Media, Erin M McCuskey, yumproductions

Well after a few weeks of twiddling our thumbs wondering when DaFONT would approve our font submission we finally received an email advising us of the good news yesterday. yum is happy to give this fabulous development away for FREE and glad that there is such a great resource such as DaFONT to help get it out there. After only one day our little font has already been downloaded 173 times! we hope ‘yum’ enjoys its new home out their in the big wide world!

P.S we think we will have to release a few variants in the future to keep ‘yum regular’ company  and expand this typeface out. enjoy!


  1. Phil McKenna

    I am one of the 173! Very generous yum and very curvy font! Already thinking of ways this can lift my designs. Keep me informed when new resources become available. Great to see your company giving out its stuff for others to shape and use.

    Phil (Macca)

  2. saille

    what a great font – have downloaded and its now part of my design arsenal too – thanks


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