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Well all rugrats/reptar references aside i thought i would write a little something about gravatars. Due to some new improvments to the yum blog, made in an effort to personalise each post so you guys get to know each of us here at yum, we have started using gravatars. I’m pretty sure everyone knows what an avatar is (no not the blue people from pandora) but for some reason i dont see a lot of people utisiing the wondrous invention of gravatars.

The name simply means globably recognised avatar. Which is exactly what it is! Its an avatar (personal image) that is linked to your email address so that when posting/commenting on most blogs and forums your image will be displayed the same across the board. Thus allowing you to update your image on ALL your posts and coments when ever you want without visiting each individual website. You just have to update your gravatar and the powers that be send little interwebz gremlins out all over the world with your mugshot, replacing every outdated avatar out there. Gotta love efficiency! So check out the Gravatar website and let your readers put a face with your post.


  1. erin

    I just wish every platform allowed you to use gravatar… love the idea of changing everything from one place… thanks James

  2. Penny Bentley

    Gravatar’s are handy for kids in schools too….no need to use their own pic and it teaches them about internet safety and privacy.
    I’ve become rather attached to mine.
    Thanks James


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