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this little snack from the pd dispenser will probably appeal to anyone who is a visual learner (like myself).

this video is from the RSA Animate series and is a talk by Daniel Pink accompanied by a continuous stream of simple line drawings that illustrate, in an amusing way, the ideas and concepts he is discussing. the end result, I’m sure you’ll agree, is a truly engaging presentation that communicates a whole lot of ideas and information that sorta stick in your head. this kind of engagement is what we’re all about at yum. heck its written into our company vision; engaging people through unique media.

Daniel puts forward some compelling ideas here on what really motivates us humans. these ideas are all backed up with some significant and research, the results of which are not only contrary to popular belief but go against the way most of the world works (or thinks it should work at least).

if you want to know more about Daniel Pink’s work check out his book on the subject here.

let us know what drives you and stay tuned for some more tasty dispensing.

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