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anyone working in marketing or business in general is likely to have heard of seth godin…if not you’re about to. this blog watch is all about his very successful blog and why I like it.

i stumbled upon him via a video from the 99% Conference talking about our lizard brains and how they hinder our success. i found him incredibly engaging and was keen to know more, so I did some googling (as you do) and signed up for his blog.

what stuck me was his writing style and the fact that he writes about marketing/entrepreneurial/ businessie type things but that his ideas and concepts are transferable to life in general. Often the posts may only be a few lines but what he say has impact and he writes in a very accessible way.

he has also authored 12 best-sellers which I’m yet to get my hands on (summer reading I think) and from what I’ve experienced so far his blog is a good example of the less is more approach.

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