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I’ve seen some occurrences the past couple of weeks (hence the delay in my nerd diaries). The most comforting thing I’ve seen is the sense of family/community when it comes to hanging out with the nerds, it’s amazing the support you get in a gaming community such as World of Warcraft when personal tragedy hits. But the one thing that I’ve really noticed was that nerds like to get dressed up. Stupidly including myself. No I didn’t go to Armageddon or Manifest dressed up for Cosplay but I was suckered into wearing a Ninja Raptor costume (photo below), and as much as I probably lost a few kg’s from just sweating in the costume, it was a rather funny experience walking past my old lecturers confusing them. I hope you are all keeping in touch with your “inner-nerd” and embracing The Big Bang Theory. Seriously awesome show!

what was I thinking?

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  1. erin

    just makes me wonder who wore it before you, and now who after given the sweating issue – are all those kgs left in there?


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