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Just thought it would be good to share some blogs that I like and highlight people who are getting it right…in my humble opinion anyway.
First off  is The Sack.
What would you do if you lost your job at a big advertising agency after 5 years? Cry, get drunk, panic? Well Shane and Ben probably did all those thing initially but they also decided to blog the experience. What ensued was a storm of notoriety and interest that has seen them profiled on an ad industry website, given free ad space in a trade mag and even had an article written about them in The Age. So what’s all the fuss about?
Well for a start  the format is super simple, they use tumblr.com with with video and images and minimal text. It has a strong design element which you’d expect given their line of work, but this is kept simple to great effect. They are also incredibly engaging blokes who have responded to their situation with creativity, energy and great storytelling.  Again no surprises given their work but I’m sure if you set this task for 100 other advertising creative they probably wouldn’t have come up with something this good. The really amazing thing is this all started a mere 34 days ago! Take some time and go back and watch the whole she-bang from day 1 its worth it… I must admit to being a tiny bit hooked and look forward to seeing were they end up.

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