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Well nothing like a break down to the big smoke to top up the old creative tank. The fuel of choice late last month was the Adobe Digital Publishing workshop in Melbourne. Adobe never seems to fall short when it comes to presenting their workshops in a fun an awe-inspiring way (while still subtly pushing their products of course).

The highlight speaker/host of the afternoon would definitely have been Michael Stoddart who was hilarious, entertaining, and inspirational to hear someone speak about ‘layout’ design rather than just print design. Certainly made many a good point for interactivity in InDesign. Generally it was a rather informative day with a good look into ePub publishing, Adobe’s new .issue container format, creating mobile content in flash and packaging to multiple platforms, and the aforementioned interactivity in InDesign.

The .issue format was the big one for me personally as it delivered all that i expected out of this wonderful new era of publishing the world is moving in to. The new file format is a container format which, put simply, packages up everything in your digital magazine in a nice neet issue ready for upload to Adobe’s servers. Then everyone who has subscribed via your magazines application will have the new issue pushed to them, delivered right to there door, bed, or toilet seat depending on where they happen to be holding their chosen device! Truly the way of the future for publishing. Check out the Adobe Website for any future events that you might like to attend.

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