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Ba Humbug. Xmas is over and to be honest…thank god! Holidays are fun but with bills piling up and boredom setting in its great to finally be back at work. However with such a busy start to the year ahead it’s certainly a shock to the system.

It seems like February is a popular month for deadlines, with almost every current job coming to a head around the shortest of the months… i can feel some long sleepless nights coming on! Despite the busy schedule the jobs themselves are satisfying to say the least. With the Signal commission proposal being at the top of the list and other members working hard on the city of Ballarat pod tours it will be a satisfying relief when all is wraped up and completed by late feb. No doubt by then yum will have even bigger fish to fry while still completing each and every job to the highest of our standards and hopefully it wont be as HOT then either.

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