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yum TAA learners become eLearning Stars – Why not you?

by | Nov 24, 2010 | blended learning, eLearning, Michael Gwyther

yum’s latest group of learners studying the TAA eLearning electives from the Diploma of TAA have just about wrapped up their study with their final assessment delivered live in Elluminate last night. Learners came from a variety of training organisations from across the country from Groote Island to Tasmania – each with a specific objective in mind to implement using eLearning.

Each learner must research, design, develop and deliver an instance of eLearning to be facilitated online in a virtual classroom as well as in an asynchronous environment of their choice (for example Moodle or other Learner Management System, Blog, Wiki or Google site).

Co Learners also work through each others course instances to provide valuable peer review and feedback. You can watch the session in Elluminate Live. It may take a minute or two to load. Along the way we explore a range of issues, concepts and theories such as instructional design, software, multimedia development, using Learning Management systems, Online teaching and facilitation, Web 2 concepts, collaborative and informal learning.

If you are excited about becoming the next eLearning star why not join us in our next course commencing March 29th 2011.

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