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we are so very close to the end with VETis. it’s hard to believe that there is only 4 weeks to go, we do have a nice 2 week break and then it’s go go go until the end of the VETis year. it’s been a fantastic year and it’s crazy how time has just flown past… as the saying goes “time flies when you’re having fun”. it’s kind of sad that everything is about to come to an end but exciting at the same time. these guys have worked so hard this year so it’s great to finally be able to draw it all to a close. stay tuned and watch this space for some examples of work created by Class of 2010.

1st round interviews have been conducted for next year’s enrollments and wow what a great bunch of learners! next year is going to be fantastic! so many new tools to try so fingers crossed it can be done. they are all enthusiastic and very excited about next year. good luck to all that have applied!

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