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As the “Resident Nerd” at yum, I feel that I need to prove that while I don’t fit the look of the stereotypical nerd I do hang out with them and do VERY nerdy things. I go to comic book stores, I watch my sci-fi movies/tv, I sadly understand all the nerd jokes in the Big Bang Theory without it being clarified in “non-geek” speak. So I’ve decided to start a series of blog entries. Share my experiences and post up photos of the nerdy things that I do… like today’s photo. This photo is from my visit to Minotaur the “Pop Culture Specialists”, my comic book store of choice. I decided to buy a comic book that was inspired and edited by the music artist Tori Amos, to my despair it was HUGE! and weighed more than 3 books of the yellow pages! Not surprised, there were the usual “comic book nerds” that Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory would completely feel at home with, my friend and I caught the attention of some of the comic book nerds purely because we were females and we actually wanted to be there! Anyway it’s nerd dinner tonight, let’s see what awesome things we’ll be up to tonight.

comic book - tattoo

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