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Private RTOs showcase eLearning development

by | Nov 24, 2010 | blended learning, eLearning, Michael Gwyther

ACPET has engaged yum’s Michael Gwyther as an eLearning mentor for participating private Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) for the past 8 years. Last week at Melbourne’s Telstra Centre these RTOs presented the eLearning projects developed over the year with the support of the programme.

During the year RTOs identify business opportunities to implement and integrate eLearning into their training deliveries, undergo instruction in software, online facilitation and instructional design and receive support through individualised RTO visits and course building sessions. RTOs can elect to participate in either the Beginner Mentor stream (if totally new to eLearning) or the Intermediate Stream (if have some experience with eLearning. Sessions are experiential, hands on and focused toward a business outcome.

RTOs who are interested in participating in the programme in 2011 can contact Sherrill Lister at ACPET on 03 9416 1355

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