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Highlands LLEN – Yum Learning – Blended delivery of Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS)

Yum Learning delivered the multimedia course Certificate II in Creative Industries (Media) to secondary school students. The Certificate covered a range of multimedia skills including HTML, images, drawing, video, audio, animation and basic modelling. We were keen to use a paperless and social approach to training so we set up a WordPress blog to reinforce learning. All assessments and learning guides were distributed via the blog.

Features of this training delivery included:

  • Student use of Gmail to communicate with each other and the trainer
  • Use of Google Docs for learners to draft and submit knowledge-based assessment tasks
  • Social bookmarks to distribute resources
  • Social network tools for students to contribute to and manage group work projects
  • Student’s use of blogs to publish and peer review group work project assessments
  • Purpose built YouTube and Screen-casting videos to support software training

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