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wow what a great webinar we had the other day… had an apple theme but apples and oranges are often compared (you had to be there!). if you missed it you needn’t worry because with all things interweb its now available in a range of formats for you… which are all listed below..

the webinar was part of Energise Enterprise Small Biz Festival and looked at how to make your website better, brighter and faster, we investigated why and how social media can help. Main message was take control of your profile and personality online, you can’t outsource it effectively, and express yourself… take the time to inspire yourself and revisit the passion that you had for your business when you first set-up… you can subscribe to these posts in the form on your right.. we post irregularly about stuff we love… you could love it too.


to watch and hear the webinar again – http://tiny.cc/egqu1 – Recording
to grab the PowerPoint – Pimp My Site on Slideshare – http://slidesha.re/dxsoAR


to follow erin on twitter – https://twitter.com/erin_mcc
to follow erin on linkedin – http://au.linkedin.com/in/erinmccuskey
to friend yum on facebook – http://www.facebook.com/yum.productions


Go Blog Yourself on Slideshare  – http://bit.ly/diuGVD.
free blogs – http://wordpress.org/
great site supporting small business – http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/
social networks for biz – http://www.linkedin.com/
great tool to help you across platforms – http://hootsuite.com/
tool to help you organise your blog and info subscriptions – http://www.google.com/reader
collaboration tool for internal and external teams – http://www.google.com/places
great blog that was mentioned – http://www.twirlingbetty.com.au/
tool to help you keep an eye on your online profile – http://www.socialmention.com/

think that was everything. if you need anything just wave….

cheers erin

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