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Well this time around the word wrap seem to have taken on a completely different meaning considering iv recently start doing Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing) and have saw wrists due to the dire need to invest in hand wraps. With this new physically draining aspect to life on the cards days at yum seem to be ticking by slower and slower…. all though maybe that’s just cause i can barely walk and am finding myself literally moving slower for days after every training session.

On the jobs front however things are anything but slow, with the next installment of the City of Ballarat’s podtours, Prime Ministers avenue podtour, being at the for front on most staff members list of things to do. With my contribution so far has been iPod instructional animations, come to life Ballarat intros, and Guide brochures it sure feels life its been a productive few weeks, hopefully things will go this well when the editing begins!

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