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I love films, I love going to the cinema, I love the rituals, I love the slow all-encompassing dark. For me, it’s as much about the experience of viewing, as the film itself.

This year we have created a small intimate viewing experience called ‘Mick’s Cinema’. Its name belies the lushness of big comfy armchairs, huge windows that allow dusk to ebb to mid-night blue, flickering candles that burn in small red glass mosaic jars and big bold candelabras.


Add to that big booming sound and crisp screen blacks, wine, chocolate and an usher (Mick) willing to attend to your (my) every whim. It also has the beauty of not having to leave home. Yum. Feels like Skipton 1954.

And there have been some great screenings over the last little while:

  • It’s A Wonderful Life – Frank Capra’s tale of Christmas lost and won. Fabulous.
  • The Newsroom – HBO series about a bustling, witty, wordy fabulous broadcast news room.
  • Steve Jobs – film about the Apple founder. Less than fabulous, however it has spawned some ‘Jobs’ style walking about.

And some great ones to come:

  • La Strada – Felini’s gorgeous circus tale.
  • The Fountainhead – Do you want to stand alone against the whole world?
  • Knuckle – A doco about Irish travellers at their best and worst.

Where do you watch?

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  1. Erin

    Oh and yes the Mick stands for Mickey Gee of course… Love Madame Yum


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