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Mentoring trainers around the state in using e learning tools is an exhausting business.

Last week I’ve looked at video, podcasts, and learner management systems and done about 2500 km getting to my clients in the bid to double the e in learning. Driving brings Thinking time and as the tachometer spins over I decide there’s so many tools, so little time.

The trick always with any educational medium is interesting and exciting activities that promote learning that is fit to the context of the learner. Thats often the hard part with mentoring – help trainers to consider the deployment as much as the use of new technologies in their education and training role. We need to get away from the keyboard and back to the whiteboard and plot the content, link the activities, make the connections to key learning milestones, scaffold the assessment, make relationships between learners and give room to share and publish insights. Oh and throw in some industry knowledge, case studies and the odd on the job scenario.

Then we can choose our e learning tools and fit them to the purpose. In small steps, with simple outcomes, where the content is not clouded by the technology. Now I’m off to wash the car.cheers, Swampfox.

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