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iPhone app of the week: WordPress

by | Aug 23, 2009 | Creative Media, Erin M McCuskey, Michael Gwyther, yumproductions

Well due to the fact that everyday i keep finding myself explaining, to yet another person, why my new iphone is the BEST THING EVER i decided to start posting my iPhone app of the week. So there is probably going to be a lot of simple ones that I’m sure any self respecting iPhone user already has but they are still all worth noting.

I’m also aware that they’re are numerous other blogs out there covering this exact topic….but oh well this is as much for myself as it is for others, so enjoy 😛

First cab of the rank is…..

WordPress: Well considering im blogging from wordpress, the wordpress iPhone app was always going to be the first. Put simply it allows you to connect to any blog you own or are a registered user for. Can’t you just imaging the possibilities here? I’m certainly going to be blogging none stop on my round the world trip thanks to this application.

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