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iPhone app of the week: Roshambo

by | Sep 27, 2009 | blended learning, Creative Media, Erin M McCuskey, Michael Gwyther, yumproductions

Roshambo: OH MY GOD! BEST APP EVER! OK so after my NZ holiday i was thinking of some search queries for the app store….hmm why not rock paper scissors? As me and my mate had been Roshamboing all our holiday it seemed like a good choice. So of course there was an app already, there always is! I was expecting an app that simple did the rock paper scissors choosing for you at random, which you would use with another iPhone user. But this is MUCH better.

OK so Roshambo takes the concept further. Think a cross between any level based rpg character & a long car trip with your little sister! That’s right each Roshambo battle you win u gain experience, the more experience you gain the more levels you gain, the more levels you gain the more…….the more….. well to be honest i haven’t advanced enough as yet to tell if there is any real gains in this, prob not. But hell its still fun to be better than someone else HAHA. The visual style is great too with each of the three options being cartoon style characters.

Hmm other features? Um built in chat room? Even chat during battle to scream obscenities at your opponent, although this is rather pointless as you don’t have time to type and make your choice. But still AWESOME


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