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Well a big weekend, maybe longweekend? Or Extended-Longweekend? Anyway with Thursday and Friday of work here at yum, and cruising in the penthouse at the Paramount you would think that I would be fully rested and keen for work this week? Anything but. I think my body may be a tad run down by the riduclus amounts of fluids taken on board over the course of the weekend because Monday I felt a bit under the weather, and Tuesday I was home in bed. I may have been awake for no more than a couple of hours this day, which included a funeral and a pizza, that’s it. So yesterday and today…still feel dead, crazy fever that comes and goes….. hmmm Swine Flue maybe? oh sorry ill be politically correct Influenza A(H1N1). So after looking up the symptoms’ online, and reading the first one being an unusual fever that comes and go’s, unlike a normal flu, I had come to the conclusion I had swine flu. Lucky enough, I lacked many of the other symptoms’ so no need to avoid us here at yum!

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