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Footy is back and so is “Micks Footy Blog”!

by | Mar 13, 2014 | blended learning, Michael Gwyther |


Here at Yum Studio, we love to write! Video scripts, elearning resources and scenarios, historical memories, art pieces you name it. You ask – We deliver! We love to blog too – currently we have 5 on the go! Today we spotlight one of those blogs for AFL footy is back this week! – Yes! It only seems like yesterday that we were raising the cup at the MCG on that one day in September last year!

Footy’s return also means our Mick’s Footy Blog is back too for it’s third year. Intended as a satirical and humourous take on life, footy, popular culture and whatever comes into Mick’s head, the Blog follows the fortunes of Collingwood, North Melbourne and Hawthorn in their progress throught the season.

The Blog has started with a bang and here’s a selection of what we’ve explored so you can get into the zone for the opening bounce!


AFL Gifts that refuse to stop giving!

The new season is almost upon us!

Not too late to get some terrific new fan merchandise for yourself that tells it like it is.

Here’s a selection that have caught our eye.


A Spoonfull of Sugar

The art of the spectacular mark compels us to suspend our understanding of gravity. As a child I internalised the notion of the bird man and came to the realisation that I wanted to be an action man.

Then I saw the film Mary Poppins.

Read the incredible relationship between AFL football, Walt Disney, Mary Poppins and French philosopher Roland Barthes!



What becomes of the broken hearted?

During the finals series last year I gazed at the thousands of Hawk children with the #23 on the back and pondered the impact of a Jungian like “collective unconscious” incident in the event Buddy took the money and ran.

How might Buddy’s departure destroy the Victorian economy? Read the stunning revelations ignored by the State Govt!


Peter Hudson induced Stockholm Syndrome

Injury to players has a debilitating effect on all concerned. They can also cruel the imagination of the humble supporter. One such injury – and it’s amazing yellow brick road aftermath – to my Hawthorn hero Peter Hudson in 1972 continue to haunt my sense of the possible. Peter Hudson held hostage to my football imagination from the late 60′s tll er agh…now.

Read about one of the most stunning VFL/AFL comebacks of all time!

and here’s a couple of beauties from the Vault…….

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 Generals and Oxes Everywhere!

It’s pretty obvious Mick Malthouse loves to read and find inspiration in the classic texts from the antiquities. Who can forget such pearls as the “Ox is slow but the earth is patient”  – but the origin? Confucius? Yoda? Mal Walden?

Try Tom Selleck for the movie High Road to China in the wake of the Star Wars Premiership Triology.

Discover why Mick – like Dennis Rodman – looks to North Korea for an edge on his opponents!


Hawk Harlequin Horror

I’ve just witnessed Wanda Jackson – the Queen of Rockabilly – at the Corner Hotel. It’s late and I’m now in Bridge Road waiting for a tram that never arrives.

Cursing my luck I see the vision from Hawthorn’s past now incredibly offered up as “fashion” in the shop window.

Recall the full Guernsey fashion disaster!

Have a great season!

We’d love you to keep up to date with the round by round descriptions of whatever the crazy world of footy throws up to us! Come open your gateway to the season!



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