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Over the last three months it has been such a joy to train people in the use of the fabulous ArtsAtlas, an online portal for artists to showcase their work, find their tribe and develop their audience. Loved it so much i want to do it for a whole day. So in conjunction with the City of Ballarat Arts & Culture, we are offering an Advanced Social Media Masterclass with me, Erin.

Actually I was keen to call it a Mistressclass, but I thought people might think its a different kind of session.

It’s about developing an online communication strategy for creative & cultural industries and businesses wanting a creative edge. Of course you’ll already need to have a presence of sorts, it is advanced after-all.

We will aim to develop an online communication strategy using case studies & practical activities the session will cover:

  • the importance of personality online
  • harnessing new style marketing
  • using dashboards to automate
  • image is content royalty
  • control your copyright
  • mailing list use & security
  • team & guest blogging

This session has been generously supported and subsidised by the City of Ballarat. Spaces are limited. Participants will need to bring along their own lap top with wireless capabilities for the session. The session will take place at the Art Gallery of Ballarat on Monday 17th June, 10 am-4 pm.

Bookings close 12 noon, Fri 14th June 2013.

The session has been heavily subsidized, the full cost of session is usually $195 per person, however the City of Ballarat is providing a $100 subsidy for each applicant, whie Yum Studio is providing discount of $50 for each applicant. So you pay only $45.

Spaces are limited to about 20 people only, to book please contact ArtsAtlas Coordinator ASAP, that’s Carolynne Hamdorf on 0409 210 170 or email her on carolynnehamdorf@ballarat.vic.gov.au

There will also be a special extra for Yum folk, facey likers and subscribers, make sure you are one… Sign up at top right.



  1. Colleen Filippa

    Worthwhile for Fifteen Trees?

  2. Erin

    Of course, 15Trees already has a great online presence, this is about upping the ante… you up for it?

  3. Amy T

    Sounds great!

  4. Goldie

    great opp for local creatives


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