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Blog watch #5: blook this way

by | Jun 2, 2010 | Creative Media, Erin M McCuskey, sarah sneddon, yumproductions

well I wasn’t sure when i googled “blook” that what I was hoping for would come up…but it did!

so what was I hoping for exactly?

well a word to describe the publishing of a blog into an actual real book…like with pages and everything. it does go the other way with authors serialising their books online in blog form but I’m not so interested in that right now. further googling about has revealed that I’m a bit behind the (online) times with my investigation but dang it I’m gonna do it anyway as it feels like every other blog I follow is popping out a blook.

here are my top picks…

Awkward Family Photos we’ve all gottem and now there is a place to share them. Blook here.

Cake Wrecks the horror of cake decorating. Blook here.

Tiny Art Director an illustrator lets his kid tell him how it is. Blook here. Available in Australia in June.

Passive Aggressive Notes written in blood and left on your windscreen. Blook here.

Sh*t My Dads Says a Twitter account documenting someone’s very sweary dad. (NSFW) Blook here. Also has a TV deal with CBS, rumored to have William Shatner as “my dad”.

i think these blooks are a great example of how more and more the online and real world are leaking/colliding/melding into each other. slowly this conjoining is coming into the mainstream and becoming part of how we consume information and entertainment.

happy (if not slightly disturbed) reading!

let me know if you have some favourites.


  1. susie

    I’m not sure if this counts? sure it does… but here is a blog about blooks http://blog.blookerprize.com/ – do we risk disappearing up our own proverbials? how do our online dictionary’s keep up?

  2. sarah

    its like googling google…could blow the whole interweb to kingdom come

  3. Dale Pobega

    Blooks! Blogs … Phlogs … and now … Blooks! Actually, publishing Blogs as hard copy is something that interests me a lot … discovered that blogging while you travel is a very productive and enjoyable activity, provides focus and even entertainment during those times when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere in some God forsaken flea pit. In the past I have usually come home and spent weeks turning my photos into Albums using Adobe Elements or some other similar program …. too much works! Much better to just hit a few keys and have a blog in book form … a blook!

    Love your Blog Yum … how do I FOLLOW?


  4. Dale Pobega

    The Blooker prize! Love it … good on ya Susie … Cory Doctorow’s site is actually quite fascinating!


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