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Well a change is as good as a holiday and in this case its both. Having just got back from New Zealand I’m finding it a bit hard to get back into the swing of things here at yum, so why not avoid work for a bit longer and write a wrap entry?

So where to start… Basically i have always wanted to go snowboarding but never had the time or money due to studying. Well thats all done for now so why not go to NZ where its cheaper and better conditions! With a total of ten days to write about this might have to be the condensed version, however i think i might have to get my ass in to gear this weekend and post a blog for each day on my own pesonal blog with a little bit more detail.

Details: Flew into Christchurch and traveled to Methven for three nights. Traveled to Wanaka for two nights. Traveled to Queenstown for four nights. Then traveled back to Sydney for other shenanigans.

Highlights: Snowboarding at Mt.Hutt, Cardrona, Corenet Peak, The Remarkables, for a total of six days. Rowan driving a Monster Truck. Paragliding of the side of a hill at Arrowtown. Bungy Jumping of The Kawarau Bridge, The Nevis Bungy (twice), and The Ledge Bungy. Running around Puzzlingworld like a little kid. Jetboating up Rakaia Gorge. Enjoying obscene amounts of vodka cocktails at Minus 5. I’m sure there were more but that’s it for now….

Regrets: Not spending more time in Wanaka, best place we stayed. Drinking to much and as result not boarding as much. Not staying longer. Not going up to Mt.Olympus the first day when Mt.Hutt was closed. hmmm i think thats it.

Conclusion: Already looking at bookings for next year!

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  1. Jessica Deal

    I am such a terrible snow boarder, but I love to do it. I’ve never been to New Zealand, but it looks like I’ll have to plan a trip there… to do some snow boarding. Thanks for the stories!


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